We’re setting up wellingborough.org  to showcase local organisations, to show what the Wellingborough alternatives are.  They could be a service, club, shop or charity, we will blog about each and every one in a simple set format so you can compare them.

Organisations that follow us on Twitter, find us on Facebook or fill in the form on our Contact page will be blogged and promoted.  Whilst we do not necessarily endorse the organisations we list, we do research each and do invite you to contact them with the knowledge that they are independent, established and Wellingborough based.

Information about organisations is sourced from their web pages, social media pages or directly from the organisation itself.  All information should therefore be correct but please do update us if any details are incorrect or out of date.

As we add more organisations we will create a directory.  All organisations will be categorised as a Charity, Club, Service or Shop and each may be listed as more than one category.  To find out about other organisations that are in a specific category simply click on the link.  All organisations will be also included as uncategorised.

There will also be more information and links added to our Welcome page including featured charities or clubs and sponsored services or shops.  The featured charities or clubs will change on a monthly basis depending on which has been nominated.  Please contact us about Welcome page sponsorship opportunities for you business.